Automating Your Business to Save Your Sanity

It’s 8am, and my phone dings with an appointment from a prospective client and then another ding, and one more ding as I finish getting ready for the day. Breakfast is on the table the littles are eating and I am just about to leave to drop my daughter off at preschool in an hour. In the next 30 minutes I have to send out emails to those 3 new prospects, schedule their strategy calls, and, when they sign on, schedule their introduction session and send them all the information that they need to start.

But wait…..

Do I really NEED to be doing this all manually? There has to be a better way!

So I searched and looked at all the different software out there and nothing seemed to be able to do everything I needed without having several softwares I was paying for, and thus more moola I was spending on the things I needed to help my business run and grow.

Then I found Dubsado. After getting to know the system I found that I could create things called workflows to help get my clients from point A to Point Z automatically so that I was only doing the fun part, ACTUALLY HELPING MY CLIENTS!

I was able to start focusing on my business growth as well as my clients business growth on a whole new level because I was not trying to do #allthethings in order to just get through the day to day.

This takes work on the front nd to set up, but you can do it!

There are so many things to do in your business and in your life! Why are we still wasting time on the things that a computer could be doing for us?

The fantastic, amazing, generous people over at Dubsado agree and that is why they have put so much into this Software to make it work for small businesses like you and me.

They started out just like us, as a small company doing all the things which why Dubsado was born!

(You can read more about their beginning and how they got the cool name too!)

So seriously, what are you waiting for? The amazing staff at Dubsado can answer all of your questions and you get to try the whole system out with your next 3 clients for free!

What are some of the aspects of your business you are doing manually that really could be being done on autopilot?

If you want to try Dubsado for free go ahead and click the button below to get started! Use the code “thebizmom” to get 20% off your first month!

Let me know and Grab my freebie below to brainstorm your Subscriber Journey as well as your customer journey, while you automate your business in order to build your empire!

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