With the new normal we have all been in during this Coronavirus outbreak, many companies have stepped up and started to offer free software, courses, and even audiobooks to help with the onslaught of changes we have everyday. This is a list of all the ones that we have currated and is updated regularly. If you have a suggestion for this list, please email with the Subject Line “Blog: Free Software”. This is a PDF that explains how to […]

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Everyone wants to be welcomed. No one wants to join your email list and hear all about the things you are trying to sell them.
If you are just trying to sell and not trying to connect with your audience or your connecting doesn’t feel to be working head over to Selling as a Service
Your Welcome Sequence will not only let people know that their sign-up to your list worked and that they will be getting your amazing emails, but it also gives you the chance to help them get to know you better as well as nurture them towards being a paying customer.

What is a Welcome Sequence?

For a basic definition a Welcome Sequence is a set of emails that goes out to Subscribers the first time they sign-up to your list. This is such an important piece of your funnel that many people are missing! If you want to be ahead of the competition, simply having a Welcome Sequence in place that is well thought out and gives your Subscribers a glimpse into who you are will give you the leg up!

How Many Emails Should I Send in My Welcome Sequence?

You will hear a lot of marketers say 3-4 emails, well I am going to have you add a few more because it is important for people to have time to get to know, like, and trust you enough in order to give you their hard earned money. I tell all of my clients a time frame instead of an amount of emails and that timeframe is 2 months. If you’re jaw just dropped don’t worry! It is not as complicated as it sounds and once it is done you set it and forget it! So, what does a 2 month Welcome Sequence look like? This Sequence will have anywhere from 8 emails (sending 7 days apart) to 20 emails (sending 3 days apart). I tend to go in the middle and change up the send times a bit depending on the client I have and usually end up with between 10 and 12 emails over the 2 month period.

What Should I Send In These Emails?

In these emails you will be introducing yourself, your brand, and your story! You want to connect with your audience as much as they want to connect with you and the best way to do that is to relate to them. You can do this by telling stories. Stories are the life blood of your brand and will help people understand you more clearly and relate to what you are saying even after the story has been read several emails ago. Let’s take an example: “I got married WAY too young. My husband had already graduated and was at his “dream” job and I was just starting my third year. I was struggling to work full time, pay for school, and take on all of the duties of being a wife. We made it to the end of the semester and I was getting so close to being done with school and then there were two little lines on a stick that started a new chapter of my life that I had no idea how to handle.” AND CUT! Are you wondering what is going to happen next? Good! So take that into consideration when you fill in the following emails to your Welcome Sequence.

The Welcome Sequence Break Down

1. Welcome to my brand! (Include Freebie Delivery if applicable) 2. Let me introduce myself a bit more (It is okay to leave them hanging!) 3. Helpful tip that will give a quick win 4. Your real life story getting into business 5. Tell me a little about what you sell, but don’t give me a link yet 6. Helpful tip that will give a quick win (Don’t forget the story!) 7. Talk about those products again and feel free to use testimonials and give us the link 8. Another helpful Tip! 9. Tell us a true business fail and leave us hanging for the next email 10. Tell us how you overcame and give us the solution to our problem (your product/service!)

My Last Tip

My last tip is to put a P.S. or a line at the end of your email that asks your Subscribers to engage with you. This will give them the permission they want to be able to say “I have been there too!” or “What about this thing you didn’t talk about?” These answers are gold and will give you ideas for freebies, courses, blog posts, and emails you can have to educate your audience because if one person has the question several people have the same one. On that note, I would love to hear what other things YOU would love to hear about or things that you are struggling with in your Business or Email Marketing. We are here to help each other, so don’t forget I am just a click away!

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