Email Marketing Strategy and Set-Up

minimize your work time

Streamline your process so you are not spending hours writing emails and figuring out who has received what.

client/subscriber journey

Create and track your Client/Subscriber Journey to have a clear view of what is currently happening and improvements that need to be made.

automate repeating tasks

Set up systems to help you continue to receive leads, nurture them into clients, and create amazing content to keep them engaged.

Re-Engage and Clean Your List

Re-engage those who did not purchase certain products/services and clean Subscribers that are no longer engaging in content.

Choose the perfect plan

The right plan for you is just a click away! Are you wanting help setting up, would you like everything set up and you write the copy in your emails, or would you like all of that done for you?
Plans start at $797 a month and require a 6 Month Commitment.

DIY with Support

This package is ideal for those who are wanting to DIY their Email Marketing Set-Up and would like assistance in doing so.

Complete Set-Up

If you are ready to step into the CEO role in your business or you are looking to hire out the set-up of your Email Marketing so you can focus on creating content this package will give you that freedom.

Complete Set-Up with Copy

This package includes everything from the Complete Set-Up Package and adds in Copy Writing Services for up to 2 Landing Pages, 4 Forms, and 8 Emails per month.

Frequently asked questions

An automation is a set of instructions that you give to a system to do automatically. In Email this would look like a Subscriber coming into a Form>Being sent a set of Emails> and being Tagged complete

Email Marketing one-on-one services start at $797 a month and go up from their based on the package that you need.

If you are running out of hours in the day and your email list has fallen to the back burner, getting help is the next step. most of my clients come to me when they are ready to uplevel their business, but are doing too many things manually and need help getting things on track.

I have been in the Email Marketing Space for 3 years and before that was in the marketing space for 3 years. I started in Email Marketing as Customer Support at ConvertKit and found that many people were wanting me to set-up their whole account using the Communication and marketing backround that I have. Email has married all of my experience over the years to help me cateer to service based and restaurant businesses to help them reach their ideal clients and turn more leads into sales.

No, you can currently do packages in 6 month or 12 month increments. After the first 6 months we see if you are ready for maintenance, however, most businesses need 12 months of testing and tweaking before they are ready for maintenance. 

Yes, if you decide to go with the 12 month package you will receive $250 off your first month.

At this time, we are not hiring, however, you can send inquiries to with the Subject Line “Application for KBC”

My clients

"It's been an amazing journey working with you. What started as an emailing marketing conversation turned into much more. You are amazing talented at what you do. Not only that, but you go above and beyond helping me figure things when I switch directions. Lol I'm looking forward to our next round of working together. For anyone out there who is on the fence about looking for someone to work with for email marketing and coaching, don't second guess the investment. Do it, Kabrina is extremely dedicated to her clients and phenomenal to work with."
Samantha Phimmasone
Instagram Brand Specialist