Samantha Phimmasone, Instagram Strategist

“It’s been an amazing journey working with you. What started as an emailing marketing conversation turned into much more. You are amazing talented at what you do. Not only that, but you go above and beyond helping me figure things when I switch directions. Lol I’m looking forward to our next round of working together. For anyone out there who is on the fence about looking for someone to work with for email marketing and coaching, don’t second guess the investment. Do it, Kabrina is extremely dedicated to her clients and phenomenal to work with. XoXo, Samantha”

You can find Samantha over at

Kristi Monte, VA and VA Course Creator

“Without Kabrina none of what I am doing would have been possible! She was able to bring everything I had over from MailChimp and help me come up with a plan for my course launch. She knows the ins and outs of the tech side that make my brain spin, so everything went way faster then if I had done it alone.”

You can find Kristi over at