Using Workflows to Streamline Your Business and Make You Money

If you have been in business for more than a few days you have realized that having a system in place to get #allthethings done is very important, especially if you want to shower, sleep, make dinner, and have time to play with your kids (and maybe some you time too right?).

I see many business owners who are just starting out and are barely keeping their head above water for 2 vital reasons:

  1. They are doing everything that everyone else seems to be doing and trying to do it all alone.
  2. They are doing Everything manually

Step 1:

There are a few steps I want you to take if and when you find yourself in this situation and the first one is BREATH!

So many times we find ourselves trying to keep up with people who are 6 steps ahead of us and trying to “keep up appearances” in order to “look” like we have it all together.

Let me tell you a secret I have learned from big clients

Those with the biggest following and the largest list keep it simple.

When I did my first huge client migration there were 105,000 people on this person’s email list. I mapped out enough time to do, what I thought, would be several Sequences, lots of Forms and tons of Tags.

Boy was I wrong!

They had 1 (you read that right 1!) Sequence, 2 Forms, and a handful of Tags. They literally had the easiest set-up ever. And time and time again the bigger clients I deal with have this same philosophy. Simplicity.

Step 2:

So your second order of business is to write down all of the “things” you are doing and color code them with green, yellow, and red

Green– I have to keep this to make my business run and grow (like your email list)

Yellow– This is important, but I may be able to automate it, delegate it, or get rid of it

Red– This is not necessary and I am doing it to help my ego, look like I have it together, or to keep up with “the Jones”

Step 3:

Once you have all of those laid out, it is time for step 3!

Remember your Green and Yellow category from above?


Let’s mark those one more time with the terms Delegate, Illiminate, or Automate.

Don’t worry stop for a minute and do this, I can wait.

Once you have those categorized it is time to get to the good stuff!

All of those things that you marked as delegate, set a day on your calendar to get those assigned to the right people. If that means hiring a Virtual Assistant go interview a few and check out a few here from our trusted list.

For the Automate category group the things that need to be done together. For example your client onboarding could easily be automated using Dubsado (read more about them here) and your email Subscriber Journey could be automated using ConvertKit (read more about them here).

If you want to grow your business this is a step you have to do!

If you are looking for help then myself, Dubsado, and ConvertKit can help you with just an email to any of us!

Grab my Subscriber Journey Workbook below to get started Automating your Email Marketing and Sign-up to try out Dubsado for free for your next 3 clients! When you are ready to start use the code “thebizmom” to get 20% off your first month or year subscription!

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