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If you are needing to create a foundation for the communication in your business, automate your backend, or turn more leads into sales, let’s set up a time to talk!


Learn what a Subscriber Journey is, how it can lead to more sales,
and how to create the perfect Subscriber Journey for your Subscribers!

Email Marketing Strategy

Are you trying to get more leads, create funnels, and change the percentage of leads to sales in your business? Email Marketing Strategy services will help you with all of those and big you the foundation needed to level up your business.

Quiz Creation

If you are wanting to bring in Leads that qualify themselves, have a potentially viral Lead Capture, and gain additional insights into your Audience Quiz Creation is the answer!
*Quizzes are created in Interact which is additional monthly cost.

Group Program

Learn how to set up your Email Marketing, Bounce Ideas off of other Business Owners, and Grow Your Influence in your Niche? The Email Marekting Mastermind will get you up and running with other like minded Entrepreneurs.

The Benefits of Email Marketing

–> Builds Credibility, people do business with those they know, like, and trust
–> Nurture Leads, by capturing emails and helping them get to know you and your brand better
–> Stay Top-of-Mind, unlike Social Media where you may be seen, with Email you will be seen

“ For anyone out there who is on the fence... Do it."

It's been an amazing journey working with you. What started as an emailing marketing conversation turned into much more. You are amazing talented at what you do. Not only that, but you go above and beyond helping me figure things when I switch directions. Lol I'm looking forward to our next round of working together. For anyone out there who is on the fence about looking for someone to work with for email marketing and coaching, don't second guess the investment. Do it, Kabrina is extremely dedicated to her clients and phenomenal to work with. XoXo, Samantha

Email Marketing

Email Marketing Services focuses on taking the system you have and making it sustainable and able to grow through automations, nurturing your leads, and creating content that engages Subscribers again and again.

Quiz Creation

Quizzes can make becoming a Subscriber fun again as well as help you gain insight into your customers to help you give them catered information and convert them to a paying customer faster.

Group Program

This Program launches a few times a year and allows Entrepreneurs to join a mastermind of like minded Business Owners who are moving in the direction to scale their business, converting more leads to sales, and building a memorable brand.

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